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About Deviant SakuraCheetahMale/Unknown Group :iconjapanbronies: JAPANBRONIES
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Graphic, Traditional artist
Youtube:Japonies React etc
Staff of Japan Pony Con

You can access my twitter, tumblr, and youtube in the icons below


Shidare's General Work Day
I always had this idea of ponies using dragons for transport.
After I saw the art book for the new MLP Movie and saw the concept art of airships; I wanted to draw this sooo much.

Its a little follow up of this old art I made last year:…
Glad to see that I got better.

Anyway... its another OC art but hope you enjoy! This took sooo long to draw.

Characters Shidare and Ruverita belongs to me.
Summer was quite cool this year. Im starting to feel that autumn light air. 
We have about 3 weeks of nice cool relaxing weather until it turns to winter. 
Its been a while since I've been active on this site. 

I was online, but just couldn't update stuff over here. 
I was mainly on twitter for the past couple of months.
I really do apologize for disappearing without notice. Real life really got to me this past couple of months.

Anyway I am putting effort into making more art again. 
I will start posting art on this page. New ones as well as old ones. 

Its been a long time so I know my art style has changed.
I also purchased an Ipad for sketches and doodles. I may upload that on here as well. 

Also, I'm thinking of starting commissions once again. Planning on changing the system though. 
I will update on that as well when the time comes. 

Once again, I apologize for the hiatus. 
I'm back.
Cr SJuVUsAEkxB8 by SakuraCheetah


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